About Beatsy

Beatsy is a groundbreaking augmented reality music visualizer for iOS that distorts the world to your music. Experience your music as never before, with heavy bass notes sending 3D waves rolling down the street and thumps of drum sending the walls bulging outwards.

Beatsy includes a number of innovative visualizers you can use to explore your music collection. Every visualizer can be tweaked and customized to perfectly match the current song. The app also includes tools for recording photos and videos of its world bending effects.

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For help using Beatsy, check out our documentation.

If you run into an issue or would like to request a feature, please file an issue.

For Musicians

If you're a musician, you can use Beatsy to showcase your music:

Record videos

Beatsy's built-in recorder lets you capture its unique world distorting effects. This can be a fun way to visually share music you've been working on. You are free to use the recorded videos however you'd like but we always appreciate a shout-out.

Showcase your music with Beatsy clips

We're also looking for musical partners who want to showcase their music using our unique augmented reality effects. This video shows what's possible with Beatsy. You can try the Fire-Toolz clip from the video here.

If you have a creative AR project in mind, please get in touch.